Sunday Walk

Less than an hour from the centre of La Laguna, you will find this beautiful walk of medium difficulty. It is located within the Integral Nature Reserve of El Pijaral, in the north-eastern tip of Tenerife and in the heart of an incredible laurel forest.

It is a magical trail, where you feel in total symbiosis with nature and its peculiar smells of moss and humidity. Highly recommended for adults and children of all ages. The trail can be started from various entry points, each with different levels of difficulty.

You walk along a dense path and suddenly you glimpse the sea, with its waves and untamed nature. Recommended to regenerate with nature and recharge the batteries of body and soul.  We have never been so fully and satisfactorily tired and satisfied!

Tenerife is not only a sun and beach destination ....

Don't forget to book on the Cabildo's website the day for your hike. Out of respect for nature, only a limited number of people are allowed. And it's completely free, of course!